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Serialization is the process of assigning and applying a unique identification code to a product. Aggregation defines the relationship between multiple items within a product shipment, such as cartons, cases, and pallets.

Together, these two concepts form the foundation of “Track-and-Trace,” which documents a product’s current and past locations throughout the supply chain. This ability to track a product’s whereabouts and trace its path is the start of a safer and more efficient drug supply chain.

Our IT and secondary packaging experts will work with you to meet your specific requirements. We offer serialization at the carton (sales unit) level and aggregation at the carton (sales unit), shipping case, and pallet levels. This helps you establish the “parent-child” relationships among components and understand the exact contents of a product package at any point.

A full suite of services:


  • Standard data exchange interface (EPCIS), transfer protocol (AS2), transfer message (XML-based with EPCIS design)
  • Customized data exchange messages and protocols


  • Commissioning report of serial numbers after packaging
  • Decommissioning report of serial numbers (100% documentation)
  • Shipping reports (Shipping Event)


  • Serialization & aggregation of carton, case and pallet
  • Linear and 2-D data matrix code options
  • Serial number generation by Vetter: sequential or randomized (for higher security)


  • In-process control (IPC)
  • Additional sampling in warehouse


  • Securing and saving serialized & aggregated data (SAP OER)
  • Extension of standard code with additional ID attribtutes
Vetter’s serialization and aggregation services are seamlessly integrated into Vetter’s state-of-the-art packaging processes. We offer a number of options, including the ability to get both in-process control samples and additional samples in warehouse. And because a global standard for serialization doesn’t yet exist, Vetter offers flexibility to help you comply with the specific regulatory demands of your individual markets.

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