Behind the scenes, but always right in the middle of things.

With a job in administration, you help to ensure that everything runs smoothly at Vetter and can always rely on a motivated team.

Employee standing in a meeting room

Vetter is active on the global pharmaceutical markets. Controlling, processing and reviewing diverse international business processes are therefore routine tasks in our offices. The term “Office” covers all positions in the divisions of IT, Purchasing, Logistics and Customer Service but also HR, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Controlling and Legal. The possibilities range from expert pharma purchaser through to SAP consultant or product controller.

A typical feature of Vetter is that you will meet both business people and engineers or natural scientists in our offices. The reason for this is that many projects require a certain understanding of technical-scientific correlations. Starting your career in the office environment is possible on all levels - for specialists, experts and executives. No matter in which area you wish to set a new example: We are curious about your individual experiences, skills and talents.