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Guiding successful development transitions

Engage with Vetter’s clinical and commercial teams for the highly customized, intensive work and technology needed to efficiently transfer manufacturing processes and analytical methods.

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Reducing risk and complexity

Tech transfers take place at numerous critical points in the product life cycle, both between drug owners and external partners and between partner teams and facilities. They can be a back-up strategy for risk management, a strategic step to build an adequate market supply, or a resource and capacity management effort. No matter the reason, the tech transfer is a crucial process - one that requires a partner with the experience and expertise to get it right from the start.

At Vetter, we have both the experience and skill needed to reduce both the risk and complexity involved in the tech transfer process - including starting material testing, new method validation, instrument validation, process qualification, stability testing, and clinical testing. We have a proven track record of successful handoffs, both from our customers to Vetter and between our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our established tech transfer concept

Commercial drug products in a clean room
Part 1

To streamline production transitions and protect product quality, we use consistent contact materials across all our clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities.

Commercial drug products being manufactured in syringes
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Technology Design

We’ve fully aligned our machinery, validation processes, and personnel training across our facilities, reducing the time needed to transfer products and methods between all our sites in the US and EU.


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Quality & Analytics

We maintain our high quality control system and analytical methods, so your product can exceed international standards throughout the entire process.


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Part 4

An established, proven process leads to an early gap and differences analysis and consistent quality over project lifetime, so you can scale-up and transfer your technology reliably and effectively.


Drug product scaling up from clinical vial to commercial scale syringes

Fully integrated sites and teams

As a globally acting CDMO with customers around the world, we’ve optimized our services and facilities to support safe, efficient transfers of drug products, processes, and customer intellectual property (IP) between our key sites in Europe and the US - as well as between key phases of the product life cycle.

Analytics, process, and regulatory teams at both our clinical and commercial facilities all share the same quality approach, enabling consistency and continuity from each product life cycle stage to the next.

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Expertise to manage complex transfers

Your next tech transfer may not be as simple as a new batch size: you may be changing delivery systems, service partners, or responsibilities within your supplier network. We have the experience and know-how to help you manage all these multivariate scenarios.

Whether you’re scaling up production, outlicensing to a new partner, or recently acquired a new product, we have seasoned expertise to help you ensure your valuable asset makes a secure transition from each stage of its life cycle to the next.

Henrik Oberle, Vice President Development Service

To protect timelines, cost projections, and regulatory compliance, we partner closely with our customers to develop processes that mirror those at our commercial production facilities.

Henrik Oberle, Vice President Development Service

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