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Many advantages, one desire: supporting our staff members.  

Working at Vetter also means feeling comfortable. For us, this does not only mean a pleasant working environment, respectful colleagues and fair supervisors. For us, it means a wide range of support for our staff members so that they can work efficiently and independently - which leads to more satisfaction and makes us proud of our personal commitment. Concrete staff benefits at Vetter include an attractive payment system including special bonuses for certain professional groups and leadership positions. Moreover, we offer numerous benefits.  We pay particular attention to factors in which we believe that they are important for staff members: security, mobility, health, efficiency and family. 

At Vetter USA, we provide competitive compensation and benefits packages.

We offer competitive salaries.
A yearly performance evaluation is the basis for the continuous growth of employees’ base pay.

In addition, depending on function and level, employees are eligible for our bonus program. Bonuses are related to Vetter's performance.

Vetter is committed to the health of its employees and offers different, widely company sponsored health plan options, that provide employees and their families with excellent healthcare choices.

In order to provide our employees with the highest possible security from financial difficulties in case of illness, accidents etc., Vetter offers additional insurance packages such as short-term and long- term disability, life, and ADD.

Our retirement program aims to provide adequate income levels or funds after your career at Vetter.

At Vetter, it is part of our corporate culture to celebrate certain occasions together.

In addition to paid vacation time, Vetter also provides paid sick time and paid holidays.

Beyond the provisions of FMLA, Vetter offers a maternity leave policy to provide parents with the opportunity to bond with their newborn child.

Vetter encourages the professional development of its employees and is willing to reimburse for tuition fees under certain provisions.