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Passion: American Football

Alan Burchfield, Filling Supervisor

Nearly 800 million people watch the Super Bowl on TV each year. For Alan Burchfield, filling supervisor at the US site in Skokie, it is more than just a TV event. Alan is a passionate American football coach and a former semi-professional.
It was Alan who guided the current NFL player Melvin Gordon a step closer to his goal of playing in the premier sports league. “For me as a coach, it was an honor to accompany such an incredibly talented young player on his way to achieving his dream,” said Alan. In his youth, Melvin trained with Alan and plays as a running back for the Los Angeles Chargers (formerly the San Diego Chargers) since 2015.
As a youth coach, Alan likes to pass on his passion to the younger generation. “There is a football player in every child,” the father of three said. “I am always proud to have a positive influence on children thanks to the sport.” He coaches 7-14 year olds three times a week which, at one time, included his sons.
“I have completed many training courses, which not only means learning the rules, but also internalizing safety instructions and game tactics. Football is 20 percent physical, 80 percent mental. That is why, in addition to the rules, I also teach the children a good inner attitude,” the self-confessed fan of the Chicago Bears added. “Winning is not everything. The will counts - as long as losing does not become the rule!”
As in sport, Alan also masters many challenges in his profession as a filling supervisor. “I find it exciting to establish and understand complex processes, especially in the pharmaceutical industry where you are bound by certain official regulations. Sometimes, it’s almost like using a special game strategy on the American football field.”

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