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The Improved RABS Concept to combine quality and flexibility

The Improved RABS Concept to combine quality and flexibility

The current challenge for manufacturers is that today’s market requires the advantages of both cleanroom technologies.

Improved RABS concept: V-CRT®

The Vetter answer to today’s challenges is V-CRT® – a concept that combines the advantages of isolator and RABS technology. This approach allows companies to achieve safety and quality standards that are competitive with isolator performance, yet take advantage of the flexibility of restricted access barrier systems.

The innovative concept is based on the central idea of fully automated decontamination in the entire cleanroom, including the RABS, using H2O2. V-CRT® is a novel two-barrier concept that minimizes risk of contamination. This allows V-CRT® to provide a number of advantages over existing concepts: 

  • Fast decontamination allows for efficient product changeover
  • H2O2 decontamination of the entire cleanroom prior to each batch mitigates risk of microbial contamination
  • Continuous online monitoring of several variables helps ensure the effectiveness of the decontamination process
  • Containment approach follows a closed system concept, keeping the RABS doors closed at all times after decontamination