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Prefilled syringes: adding unique value to compounds

Prefilled syringes: adding unique value to compounds

Growth of prefilled syringes continues to reflect the growth in biologics, complex compounds, and increasing requirements for patients and healthcare workers. Experts project that by 2024, the prefilled market will reach 6 billion units, doubling its size from 2014.*

Specific drivers behind this rise reflect the rapid changes in the healthcare market today:

  • A promising pipeline of new molecular entities (NMEs)
  • Increased use of parenteral drugs to treat chronic diseases and cancer
  • Increasing popularity of autoinjectors and pens
  • Expected growth of the global biosimilars market

Prefilled syringes: safety, efficiency, and differentiation

Prefilled syringes offer innovative delivery options, help achieve market advantages at launch, and act as a valuable life cycle management strategy.

Advantages of prefilled syringes
  • Precision, single-unit dosing reduces waste of valuable API
  • Less risk of dosing error
  • Fewer steps in administration process
  • Increased user convenience
  • Improved patient safety and compliance
  • Product differentiation from market competition

Patients and healthcare professionals are becoming more demanding in terms of safety and ease-of-use with their medications. With fewer administration steps, prefilled syringes reduce contamination risk, risk of needle stick injuries, and dosing errors. Additionally, with more patients applying their medication in a homecare setting, syringes give patients added peace of mind.

Presterilized and bulk: two prefilled syringe platforms

When developing in a prefilled syringe, the complexity of your compound will determine your optimal choice:

  • Presterilized syringes are tub-based systems and ideal for a broad range of drug products. As ready-to-use systems, they can offer easier access into the market.
  • Bulk syringes offer a high level of flexibility for products with specific requirements. They enable customization of parameters such as silicone oil levels, sterilization methods, particle levels, and in terms of design.

Presterilized syringes in tub

Aseptic filling of presterilized syringes

Aseptic filling of bulk syringes

Vetter brings expertise in both prefilled syringe platforms

As an industry leader in syringe fill and finish, Vetter has the experience, technology and knowledge to bring your compound to market with a prefilled advantage. Vetter specializes in both presterilized and bulk syringe platforms, and has the resources to support you from initial development through clinical trials and commercial production.

*Source: Visiongain, Pre-Filled Syringes and Related Systems: World Market Outlook 2014-2024.

Vetter offers aseptic syringe filling and packaging


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