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Market Trends & Challenges

Specialized expertise that gives you an inside edge

Tap into the knowledge of specialists with decades of experience identifying and solving difficult challenges. From technical obstacles such as siliconization and lyophilization to strategic issues such as life cycle planning, Vetter’s integrated team approach brings together the right experts for your compound’s precise requirements.

This kind of expertise is at the heart of what makes a CDMO a valuable partner for your injectable. When you consider all the criteria your outsourcing partner should meet – experience with a broad range of injectables, deep scientific and manufacturing resources, financial stability, and even a commonly shared vision – a partner whose expertise goes above and beyond clearly stands out.

At Vetter, the flexibility and creativity we apply to your project’s challenges is backed by a full range of resources, no matter where your product is in its journey to market. From the initial phases of clinical development and regulatory approval through launch and commercial manufacturing, our unique blend of expertise and capabilities supports your product, your team, and your goals.

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