Vetter Insights

My intention is to show the wide variety of products that Vetter has produced.

Eugen Frasch, Key Account Manager

The Vetter Chronicler

Is there anyone who knows the history of Vetter as well as Eugen Frasch? To share his knowledge with others, he displays hundreds of product samples from across the company’s history at our headquarters in Ravensburg.

Mr. Frasch, why do you dedicate  time to Vetter history? 

My intention is to show the wide variety of products that Vetter has produced over the years. In my opinion, it is extremely important to know the origins of Vetter and how it became the company it is today.

How many exhibits have you collected in the meantime?

I have never counted them, but I have to assume that there are several hundred. It starts with products from the early company history, such as the Ullus capsules, eye drops and nasal sprays. We also have a lot of different syringe systems, cartridges, injection bottle systems, folding boxes and much more.

You call the collection a small “Vetter Museum”.

That‘s right. Of course, there are no regular guided tours. However, I am now and again asked by colleagues to show them the collection. When we develop a new customer product or an injection system, the ”museum“ will be equipped with a sample. So from time to time there are additions that help make sure the collection is complete.