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V-OVS® tamper-evident closure

The V-OVS® closure design provides your glass barrel syringe with additional anticounterfeiting protection. This simple yet innovative technology is suitable for syringe formats with a Luer cone and groove.


V-OVS® closures can be processed on existing aseptic production equipment without the need for major modifications, so the process flow remains unchanged.

Easy to handle

There are 3 simple elements to the V-OVS® design: a tamper-evident seal, a tip cap, and a Luer lock. The syringe is prepared by removing the cap, which breaks the seals and allows the Luer lock connection to be used.


V-OVS® is compatible with multiple autoinjector systems, vial adapters, needle lengths, and Luer connectors.

Single-chamber syringe with V-OVS®