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Vetter dual-chamber systems

Lyophilization offering stable products through freeze-drying

Approximately 30% of injectable drugs need to be lyophilized, a form that’s traditionally delivered via syringe and vial. Today’s manufacturers, however, are looking beyond this platform to find systems that meet the changing needs of today’s market and patient.

Vetter’s special dual-chamber technology offers a patented, innovative delivery method for liquid and lyophilized drugs that require mixing immediately prior to application. 

The dual-chamber design allows different ingredients and solvents to be prefilled and stored separately, then easily mixed and administered as needed.

There are 2 dual-chamber systems to choose from:

  • Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual-chamber syringe
  • Vetter V-LK® dual-chamber cartridge

Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual-chamber syringe

V-LK® dual-chamber cartridge

Multiple advantages

Both systems offer multiple advantages for your sensitive injectable compound, including

simple administration

fewer steps are required for preparation and injection when compared to traditional vial/syringe combinations, with no need for multiple needles or transfers devices

increased patient safety

the all-in-one design allows precise dosing and helps to minimize reconstitution errors

high product security

all dual-chamber systems are closed inside the lyophilizer at the end of the lyo process


dual-chamber cartridges are designed for use with both single- and multidose applications in pens

low residual volume

closure system and stopper geometry allows little product loss, reduce overfill, and minimize packaging waste

market differentiation

dual-chamber technology gives your compound a unique edge over competitive products

Dosage forms

Vetter dual-chamber systems can be used for

  • lyophilized/solvent drugs
  • liquid/liquid drugs

Do dual-chamber syringes offer advantages over vials? How do they differ?

The lyophilization process in a vial versus dual-chamber syringe: What’s different? What’s the same?

Vetter’s dual-chamber syringe- and cartridge-filling service options

Vetter’s dual-chamber syringe- and cartridge-filling service options Dual-chamber syringe filling

Dual-chamber syringe

  • V-OVS® tamper-evident closure lyophilized / liquid up to 5.0 ml
  • V-OVS® tamper-evident closure liquid / liquid up to 5.6 ml (for both chambers)
Dual-chamber cartridge filling Dual-chamber cartridge filling

​Dual-chamber cartridge

  • V-LK® lyophilized / liquid up to 1.4 ml
  • V-LK® liquid / liquid up to 1.4 ml (for both chambers)