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Customized packaging development

Customized packaging development

Selection of primary packaging material

Vetter offers a wide selection of common drug delivery systems used throughout clinical development. We’ll consult with you throughout clinical development, starting with advice on the range of delivery systems suitable for early phase clinical filling. As your compound progresses through clinical trials, we’ll work with you on the specific patient and end-user requirements of your product for market launch.

Because material compatibility is an issue with many of today’s sensitive compounds, we can provide expertise on all aspects of material contact, including interaction with materials such as silicon oil and tungsten.

Vetter helps you identify and develop the right packaging strategies for your compound, from early clinical development to late clinical development and product launch. Our services include:

  • A broad range of vial formats (both US mL and ISO R formats)
  • A wide variety of platforms, including prefilled syringes and cartridges
  • Consulting on both single-chamber and dual-chamber systems
  • Combination systems for use in home care
  • Container closure selection, testing, and development, including certification for combination product

Container closure selection

Consulting on device systems

Customized packaging development

Secondary packaging development

Secondary packaging can influence the success of your product, both at initial market launch and throughout its life cycle. We work with you on a customized packaging solution, supporting you with:

  • Packaging material consultation (e.g., drawings and specifications)
  • Packaging design development (e.g., transport packaging, blister, carton, artwork)
  • Patient-friendly packaging options
  • Product-safety options
  • Country-specific packaging options
  • Process development, validation, implementation, and transfer to commercial packaging
  • Changes through all stages of packaging development and manufacturing

Dual-chamber cartridge in pen – Example LyoTwistTM Trio, Ypsomed

Kit packaging

Safety Device – Example Safety Syringe, UltraSafe Passive® Needle Guard