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Sterile Water for Injection (sWFI) Diluent Service

Differentiation of high-value lyophilized compounds can start with your choice of the right diluent system.

Aseptic Syringe Filling

Select a diluent system that differentiates your lyophilized product

The global market for innovative lyophilized biologics and pharmaceuticals is growing rapidly – but so are cost and competitive pressures on these high-value compounds. New lyophilized products face increasingly complex challenges in their path to market, and need to secure their long-term value earlier than ever. Every development decision can be a chance to differentiate your product’s market profile. Including your choice of diluent.

Key benefits of Vetter’s sWFI service

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Faster time to market

5-year stability data reduces regulatory complexity and project costs.

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Global regulatory support

Simplify the approval pathway with submission-ready dossiers for key accrediting bodies. Our validation and stability data comply with USP, Ph.Eur. and ICH guidelines.

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Differentiate your product

Improved patient compliance and enhanced end user experience.

How your diluent can make the difference

Choosing the right diluent delivery system can be more than a smart step in defining the administration process for a parenteral agent. It can also sharpen your compound’s competitive edge. A solution like Vetter’s Sterile Water for Injection (sWFI) service can turn a fundamental component of a lyophilized product package into a feature that sets your product apart.

The sWFI service is designed around sterile, prefilled diluent syringes that enhance both product value and end user experience. The Vetter technology and expertise behind this service can accelerate time-to-market for new compounds, and also turn reconstitution steps into opportunities to improve convenience, efficiency, and safety for care teams and patients alike.

Vetter Syringe Filling

Flexible, scalable advantages across the product lifecycle

Our sWFI service offers multiple opportunities to enhance the profile of your high-value lyophilized product, from the all-in-one simplicity of our prefilled sWFI diluent syringes to the high quality of Vetter manufacturing. See what makes our sWFI service a proven strategy for increasing market differentiation.

sWFI service at a glance

Worldwide service presence

Our sWFI syringe filling service has been previously submitted in major markets in North & South America, Europe, and APAC, as well as South Africa and Israel.

Enhanced convenience, efficiency, and safety 

Designed to safeguard product integrity and minimize handling for reduced dosing risk, simpler administration, and longer shelf-life.

Broad, versatile filling range 

Meet specific reconstitution and dosing requirements and leverage a 5-year stability program covering volumes from 0.50 ml to 3.0 ml.

Trust our experience and quality to meet your needs

Our manufacturing experts will work with you to develop the most suitable diluent program for your commercial goals and patient needs. We offer both established and customized programs to meet your product parameters and go-to-market strategy, as well as the expertise, resources, and experience to support you from product development, to launch, and beyond.

Let's get started

Exploring different diluent delivery systems for your lyophilized compound? Let us help you select a system that will set your product apart in a highly competitive global market.

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