Secondary packaging & device assembly

Customized solutions for every life cycle stage

Partner with Vetter for a wide range of secondary packaging and injection device options to help differentiate your product and improve user experience.

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Helping you meet patients’ changing needs

The global market for parenteral products is shifting rapidly, from in-office administration to a future focused on patient-friendly self-injection and convenient at-home care. Today’s new injectables need a smart, proactive strategy to address these changing needs, and to continually drive differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace. With our knowledge, experience, and engineering skills, we can help you take a holistic approach to secondary packaging that can put your product on a path to success at every new stage of its life cycle.

Why choose Vetter for secondary packaging

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We care for your product’s purity and integrity throughout the packaging process​.

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Complex packaging

Trust our decades of experience developing technically challenging delivery systems.

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We offer a wide range of capabilities and services that can be customized to specific product needs.

Woman working on an injection device assembly line
Device assembly

Solving your delivery device requirements

Demand for user-friendly injection systems is growing faster than ever. We have an extensive proven track record with the technically challenging packaging solutions that these devices demand.

Our dedicated engineering department specializes in developing novel packaging processes and machinery for delivery systems like pens and autoinjectors, as well as associated testing methods. We look forward to helping you explore a range of ways to address your requirements and quality demands.

Device options for your injectable product

The components of a Unopen injection system

Assembled around either a single or dual-chamber cartridge, pens provide your patients with a user-friendly way to administer your injectable product.


An Ypsomate autoinjector device

Convenient, compact, and easy to handle, autoinjectors can be a useful way to facilitate long-term patient self-administration of products delivered from a syringe.


A fully assembled safety syringe from Vetter
Safety devices

This assembly option simplifies needle stick protection by combining a single-chamber syringe and staked needle.


"Workers operating a secondary packaging assembly machine
Secondary Packaging

Solutions optimized for your unique product

We can package a wide variety of drug delivery systems and formats. At every step, we apply the same rigorous focus on quality to our packaging operations as we do to our filling services - enabling us to meet stringent and customer specific quality requirements​ at a broad range of production scales.

Secondary packaging services

Male scientist reviewing secondary packaging testing data on computer

We monitor your product packaging for compliance with necessary guidelines and specific requirements.

Protective blister packaging for drug product

For products that need additional protection, we have the experience to develop purpose-built protective shells that help ensure product integrity from production to end user.

Injectable drug product in carton package

We provide a wide range of customizable kitting options for different injection systems, patient needs, and regulatory demands, including sustainable all-paper kit packaging.

Scanning a label on a package of injectable drug products

Label placement, design, and production needs can vary widely. Our team and technology is flexible regarding artwork and printing, as well as label position control.

Vetter Standort Ravensburg Süd

Our secondary packaging facility

After filling, your products are transferred to our packaging operations in Ravensburg, Germany. This world-class facility offers cGMP compliant services for key markets like the USA, Europe and Japan, and features 8 automated packaging lines, 5 manual lines, and 5 standalone labeling and assembly machines.

This state-of-the-art site provides a single point of contact and release for your product, simplifying your supply chain, reducing transportation effects, and mitigating the risks of transferring your product between filling and packaging partners.

Woman working on an injectable delivery system in a lab
End-to-end partner

Your expert partner for every evolution of your product

Success in the competitive injectables market requires innovative solutions to complex challenges. That takes partners who can support you through the entire process and deliver what you need, when you need it.

Vetter takes a holistic approach to the evolution and production of your product. From filling to final​ packaging and storing​, we’re a partner​ you can count on from clinical development to commercial success.

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