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Sterile, prefilled water for injection (sWFI) syringes

Sterile, prefilled water for injection (sWFI) syringes

Sterile water for injection (sWFI) syringes, used for reconstituting lyophilized products, can support your product’s success throughout its life cycle. Vetter’s sWFI filling service can help you streamline your product rollout and get to market faster. And sWFI syringes offer added safety, improved patient compliance, and market-differentiating convenience.

sWFI syringes are made of high-quality primary packaging material and are available in a broad range of filling volumes (0.5 ml to 3 ml). And they’re supported by 5 years of stability data. 

sWFI syringe 1.5 ml



Filling of sWFI syringes

Blistered sWFI syringe 3 ml

Speed and simplicity

Vetter’s sWFI filling service offers a number of advantages that can accelerate your time to market:

  • Ready-to-submit documentation available for Europe, the United States, and Japan
  • Validation and stability data that are in compliance with USP, Ph. Eur., PH. J., and ICH guidelines
  • Stability program covering the entire fill range (from 0.5 ml to 3 ml)
  • Full global registration support
  • High-quality packaging, including customized convenience kits


Sterile water for injection syringes: highly customizable

Sterile water for injection syringes: economic advantages of Vetter’s service offering


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