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Clinical trial manufacturing

Clinical trial manufacturing

Clinical manufacturing

Vetter’s focus on time-to-clinic can streamline your path to clinical trials. With dedicated project management, we provide the confidence that all the necessary steps for clinical batch release of your compound are completed on time. We provide early-phase clinical trial manufacturing for a broad range of ISO R and US mL vials, prefilled syringes, and cartridges. And our flexible filling lines mean we can provide a range of clinical batch sizes depending on your needs. 

Clinical trial manufacturing in the US, Chicago

Dedicated early phase clinical supply filling capabilities at Vetter Development Service Chicago:

  • Vials (liquid products) up to 10,000 batch sizes
  • Vials (lyophilized products) up to 6,000 batch sizes
  • Syringes up to 30,000 batch sizes

Small-scale, fully-automated aseptic vial filling

Weighing and measuring a drug's ingredients

Lyophilization of vials

Clinical trial manufacturing in Europe, Germany

Vetter can fill syringes, cartridges and vials in Ravensburg, Germany for clinical trial material in cleanrooms designed and qualified for both clinical supply and commercial manufacturing.


Vetter offers cGMP clinical lyophilized vial manufacturing at both our Chicago and Ravensburg facilities and dual-chamber system filling at our Ravensburg facility. Our development team not only helps you develop a robust, scalable manufacturing process but also works with you to optimize that cycle according to the characteristics of your product and the primary packaging materials.

Clinical manufacturing for

Clinical manufacturing for Vials

Liquid and lyophilized vials

  • Fill volume: 0.1 – 50 ml

Fill volumes beyond will be evaluated upon request.

Syringes Syringes

Single-chamber syringes with V-OVS® tamper-evident closure system

  • Fill volume 0.1 – 10 ml

Single-chamber syringes with Vetter-Ject® closure system

  • Fill volumes will be evaluated upon request

Single-chamber syringes with RNS staked needle

  • Fill volume 0.1 – 1.1 ml
  • Fill volume (pre-sterilized): up to 3 ml

Vetter Lyo-Ject® dual-chamber syringes (lyophilized/liquid or liquid/liquid)

  • Dosage volume up to 5.6 ml

Fill volumes beyond will be evaluated upon request.

Cartridges Cartridges

Single-chamber cartridges

  • Fill volume 0.1 – 5 ml

V-LK® dual-chamber cartridges (lyophilized/liquid or liquid/liquid)

  • Dosage volume: up to 1.1 ml

Fill volumes beyond will be evaluated upon request.


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