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Interview: Bridging the Innovation Gap

Interview: Bridging the Innovation Gap

Medium: Drug Development & Delivery
Author: Claudia Roth, Ph.D., President Vetter Development Service USA Inc.

As the gap between small and large biotech/pharmaceutical companies continues to grow, can a contract development manufacturing organization provide solutions for both large and small companies alike that can bridge their innovation gap and help them achieve success?

Due to sustained globalization, loss of patent protection, and generic drug competition large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ are under increasing pressure to reduce their R&D risk. They prefer instead to buy advanced technology and compounds from small biotech companies. But financial constraints have made it difficult for small companies to prove the effectiveness of their drug substance and make themselves attractive to large companies. Dr. Claudia Roth, President of Vetter Development Service in Chicago, discusses how an experienced CDMO can help bridge this gap and be of vital support in the process of injectable drug development in the Drug Development & Delivery magazine.

Vetter: Successfully Bridging the Innovation Gap in Drug Development & Manufacturing

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