Responsibility and solidarity – every day and especially now


The entire world is facing special challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. The consequences of this situation are not, as yet, foreseeable. As a company we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, customers and patients worldwide.

Our social mission - to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, and our corporate responsibility - to provide seriously ill people with essential medicines are of the utmost importance to Vetter. Together with our customers, we produce medicines that are urgently needed around the world. These include patients who are fighting cancer and multiple sclerosis, diseases such as children's Alzheimer’s, and still others with severely impaired immune systems or rare diseases. Our work is essential to these individuals who are in critical life situations. That is why it is so important that we continue to be there for our customers with well-known Vetter quality.

Some time ago we had implemented comprehensive measures within our company to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. The early start of a pandemic task force and close coordination with Vetter's founding families and the Executive Committee/Advisory Board meant that we were prepared at an early stage. From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have continuously adapted our already strict hygiene requirements to the respective situation. In addition, we responded by quickly imposing travel restrictions and enabled alternative forms of meetings.


Our responsibility as an employer 

Of course, we also have a responsibility as an employer. We want to keep the careers of our employees as stable as Vetter has been since the beginning of the company's 70-year history. We do this by providing our service to our customers now and into the future, and by enabling a regulated production.

More than 4,900 people work for Vetter - we want to protect them from the novel Coronavirus. As a team we are working to overcome the current situation and to counteract the spread of Covid-19 in the best possible way. 

The Coronavirus pandemic concerns us all

Uncomplicated and a multitude of solutions for employees is the order of the day! If possible we offer home office work. We have also tightened hygiene and distance regulations and created our internal Covid-19 hotline. In every respect we act early and pragmatically. 

It must be emphasized that we will continue to adapt our measures to meet the current situation and will provide our employees, partners and customers with transparent and comprehensive information now and in the near future.

No one can predict exactly how the Coronavirus will continue to spread, how long it will be with us and what this unprecedented situation means for everyone. We at Vetter will continue to do everything we can to fulfil our responsibility towards patients, employees, customers, and society.