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Webinar "Clinical Manufacturing Challenges": Prepare for the Unexpected


  • Material incompatibility
  • Loss of API activity
  • Siliconization problems
  • Loss of suspension and volume
  • Inconsistent batch quality
  • Regulatory concerns, and
  • Primary and secondary packaging

Manufacturing processes are increasingly complex and demanding events requiring a delicate balance of client needs while assuring the resulting product meets the rigorous standards of international regulatory authorities. An experienced partner with the necessary resources and a high degree of creativity and flexibility is vital for the manufacturing process and decision-making during early development period. Integrated project management contributing critical consulting and production support can help streamline and simplify your clinical development challenges.
This webinar demonstrates how precise project planning along with state-of-the-art aseptic filling technology with e.g. disposable components and modular systems as well as sophisticated process design offer appropriate solutions for even the most complex compound manufacturing.

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