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Single-use vs stainless steel technology

Single-use vs stainless steel technology

Medium: European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Author: Claus Feussner, Senior Vice President Development Service

How does single-use stack up with stainless steel technology? Claus Feussner, Senior Vice President  Development Service at Vetter answers this question in this EPM article. 

In the fill and finish industry, single-use technology is one of the key emerging trends. However, the industry itself does not believe that single-use equipment is likely to replace stainless steel technology on the whole. However, it can be a valuable option within special fields of the production process. Because both technologies have their respective pros and cons, it is useful to examine the unique selling positions of each in order to be able to make a careful and thoughtful decision that best suits the needs of the situation.

Let’s begin by stating the key guideline - single-use equipment is especially suitable in cases when drug substances come in direct contact with the equipment being used. That said, we can now examine a couple of parameters that are crucial and, therefore, must be taken into consideration when preparing a decision...

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