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Parenteral Advisory: Outmoded Fill/Finish Technology

Parenteral Advisory: Outmoded Fill/Finish Technology

Improvements to aseptic manufacturing procedures are long overdue. But how feasible is it for manufacturers to modernize fill lines of legacy products? The demand for fill/finish services has significantly increased in recent years and many companies have expanded capacity to meet that demand. Experts estimate that just about every large biotech/pharma company has some fill/finish capabilities, regardless of if they outsource these services or not. In general, innovation in fill/finish is low on manufacturers’ priority lists, even though this processing step is a crucial part of a manufacturing lifecycle. Although some novel delivery systems and combination products have been introduced, the aseptic portion of the medicine-making process has, for the most part, remained relatively unchanged.

A general guideline for the use of disposable technology is that it is most suitable in fields where drug substances come into direct contact with equipment, says Bernd Stauss, senior vice-president of pharmaceutical production/engineering at Vetter. 

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Parenteral Advisory: Outmoded Fill/Finish Technology

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