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Contract manufacturing in Asia Pacific

Contract manufacturing in Asia Pacific

Medium: Pharma Focus Asia
Author: Peter Soelkner, Managing Director

What are the specific challenges and major changes in the APAC region that a CDMO can expect in the future? Are there cultural and technological differences that a CDMO might experience, and how can they be overcome? Are there advantages that a CDMO can bring to the cooperative effort of big pharma and small/emerging biotech companies?

There is a growing market demand in the APAC region for access to medicines for millions of people due primarily to a large and growing population, economic gains and rising incomes coupled with government commitments to support expanded access to basic healthcare services. Multinational pharmaceutical companies have a strong interest in gaining access to this region and engaging in building infrastructure. However, with opportunity come challenges and restraints. Peter Soelkner, Vetter Managing Director, offers his insight Issue 24 of Pharma Focus Asia. 

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Contract Manufacturing in APAC

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