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Article: Pre-sterilized Syringes

Article: Pre-sterilized Syringes

Medium: Pharmaceutical Technology
Author: Kevin Wrigley, Product and Service Manager

What is the key to finding the most suitable packaging materials for your compound? What are some of the common problems encountered in using pre-sterilized syringes and how can they be corrected? What are the considerations when changing from filling of one product to another?

In the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry today, two main filling technologies are used: bulk syringes and pre-sterilized syringe systems. While the use of pre-sterilized syringes can offer easier access onto the market, the level of flexibility offered with bulk syringes still remains in high demand for products with specific requirements in their primary packaging. Before deciding upon the most suitable packaging material for a compound, however, there are manufacturing considerations and business strategy decisions that must be made. To avoid problems, product developers should work with an expert in the earliest clinical stages for help in choosing the most suitable packing materials, components, and ingredients. This will also help when changing from filling one product to another. Learn more about choosing the right system for your product, and how to avoid manufacturing issues. In this Pharmaceutical Technology Q&A, Kevin Wrigley, Product and Service Manager, Vetter offers his expertise on pre-sterilized syringes and how companies can make the best decisions in choosing a packaging material for their products.

Pre-Sterilized Syringes

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