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Article l The Market Consolidates for Better Service

Article l The Market Consolidates for Better Service

Medium: Pharmaceutical Technology North America
Author: Peter Soelkner, Managing Director

Leading experts agree that the (bio)pharmaceutical outsourcing market has experienced a turn toward consolidation but offer varying views on what the market may look like beyond 2016. What are the implications of this consolidation? How will companies plan for underserved areas?

The move towards consolidation experts agree will continue into 2016, likely resulting in new challenges and partnerships. To what degree will this trend disrupt the industry, and how will companies adapt to meet this change?  What are the options for drug owners? How will suppliers address segments of the (bio)pharmaceutical development and manufacturing market that are underserved? Experts offer differing approaches to these questions found in the current article of Pharmaceutical Technology North America.

The Market Consolidated for Better Service: Industry experts discuss what the outsourcing market holds for 2016

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