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Article l How do you define ‘ideal supplier’?

Article l How do you define ‘ideal supplier’?

Medium: NICE INSIGHT - pharma’s almanac
Author: Peter Soelkner, Managing Director

The role of the preferred supplier has taken on increasing importance among today’s pharma and biotech companies. But there are clear differences between a ‘qualified supplier’ and an ‘ideal supplier’. What exactly are these differences, and how does it affect the choice of the right CDMO?  Have the goals of today’s pharma and biotech companies changed? What is important to consider in helping to achieve customer satisfaction?

In the contract manufacturing market, there is a distinction between what constitutes a ‘qualified’ supplier versus an ‘ideal supplier’. That distinction is defined as a “strategic partnership”. This means putting the customer first, making almost every effort to see things from their perspective. Creating this customer satisfaction quite often means the development of partnerships with only a few suppliers whom they deem to be strategic in focus, not simply tactical. How do pharma and biotech companies successfully assess and choose the right partner? What must a CDMO take into consideration to help drive customer satisfaction? What are the key factors to creating a fruitful relationship? Peter Soelkner, Vetter Managing Director, offers his insight to these questions and more in the Q2 edition of NICE INSIGHT pharma’s almanac.

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