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Article: Implementing Serialization

Article: Implementing Serialization

Medium: International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI)
Author: Alexander Ulbrich, Project Manager (IT) Serialization, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG

Lawmakers and regulators around the world are demanding serialization be implemented by the drug manufacturing industry to ensure that there is a clear identification of drug products; a major step in the fight against counterfeiting. Is your company prepared for these regulations? What must you do to ensure that your company is up to the challenge of implementing appropriate solutions?

Counterfeit drugs have become an enormous problem both for developing nations and the industrialized world as a whole, jeopardizing the health of patients and creating a major economic crisis. Serialization, which is a process involving the clear tagging of the smallest packaging unit with a unique identification number, is being demanded by regulatory authorities and lawmakers to combat this problem and provide greater safety throughout the entire supply chain. Is your company prepared to implement these new regulations? Do you have an understanding of exactly what is needed to prepare? In this insightful article of International Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI), Alexander Ulbrich, Project Manager (IT) Serialization for Vetter offers his expertise on serialization, how companies can best prepare for implementation to meet the new regulations, and provides examples of potential solutions that can work for your company.

Implementing Serialization

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