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Article I Strategic Product Life Cycle Management through Secondary Packaging

Article I Strategic Product Life Cycle Management through Secondary Packaging

Medium: Drug Development & Delivery

Developing and launching new drugs puts a significant burden on a company’s resources; particularly as it pertains to time and money. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies must employ every solution available in order to achieve long-term success for their products. Strategic product life cycle management (PLM) early in the process offers manufacturers one such solution, and one that can significantly increase a drug's potential success in the market, even for one that has already proven itself on the market. Are you aware of how secondary packaging can play a decisive role throughout the product's entire life cycle? Can PLM help differentiate your product through redesign?

Today‘s pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies face a variety of challenges. These include the increased demand from patients for more user-friendly systems, the difficulty in implementing ever-stricter product safety regulations, and the continuous need to focus on cost efficiencies. Effective PLM processes are crucial for a products success. This article discusses how PLM; effectively implemented, plays a crucial role in these issues. Also discussed are solutions for serialization, as well as differentiation through product redesign, particularly in secondary packaging.

Strategic Product Lifecycle Management Through Secondary Packaging

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