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Corporate Compliance

As a CDMO, Vetter recognizes that compliance is an integral part of our operations. Simply put, all individuals within Vetter, as well as company activities as a whole, must adhere to all applicable laws, legal guidelines, and corporate policies. Our well-established state-of-the-art Compliance Management System is essential to business. Containing elements of prevention and identification as well as adequate time for response, the system helps us maintain legal compliance. It is an essential component of our ability to operate at the highest standards of ethical behavior and follow clear directives.

In an ever-changing global market, it’s also vital that we stay current and assess the daily state of affairs regarding compliance. Rapid corporate growth, increased requirements in national and international legal systems, and changing customer specifications must be constantly considered. Therefore, we regularly review and update both our corporate compliance system and our Code of Conduct. These procedures keep Vetter aligned with our customers’ changing needs, with legal guidelines, and with our own ethical principles and goals.

Elements to maintain a culture of compliance:

  • Ethical behavior and integrity
  • Consistency and efficiency
  • Clear knowledge of guidelines
  • Effective training and education
  • Open, transparent communication
  • Belief and commitment

With consistent training and communication, Vetter has made compliance a cornerstone of its operations. Compliance enables that we move forward legally and responsibly, prevent violations, and uphold the highest principles while operating as a responsible CDMO. Our ongoing dedication to compliance helps us fulfill our purpose of serving customers and patients around the world.