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Asia’s booming biopharma market: Interview with Chervee Ho & Peter Soelkner

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The Asia Pacific region is reshaping the future of the parenteral drug market. Here’s what that may mean for CDMO partners.

Throughout the global biopharma industry, all eyes are on the Asia Pacific region, home to some of the world’s most rapidly expanding markets for therapeutic innovation, and increasingly the focus of growth strategies across the outsourcing sector.

Vetter Managing Director Peter Soelkner recently sat down with Chervee Ho, Director Asia Pacific, to discuss some of the core dynamics that are driving the region’s role in the global market for injectable drug products.

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The Asia Pacific market is delivering incredible performance, driven by demographic shifts, increasing accessibility of new treatments, and interest from global industry. We see huge potential for further growth.

Chervee Ho, Director Asia Pacific

As Chervee shares in this interview, she sees a wave of important demographic, regulatory, and policy shifts converging to supercharge the region’s biopharma industry – both through rapid growth in domestic demand and strategic efforts by regional innovators to access global markets.

Together, these two trends point toward significant growth in new opportunities for experienced, globally acting outsourced  partners. In the coming years, CDMOs – especially those with specialized expertise and deep international regulatory knowledge – will have the opportunity to play a vital role in helping Asia’s surging biopharma sector achieve its goals.

Listen to Chervee and Peter’s full discussion to find out how these partnerships may take shape, and how they can help accelerate the growth of Asia’s dynamic biopharma sector.