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Sibylle Dreher

Sibylle Dreher

“There are more interesting tasks than you would think.”

HR Services team leader

“In 2003, I started working at Vetter in the Human Resources department as payroll accounting clerk. Work in the Human Resources department is very interesting, multi-faceted and diverse. The tasks continuously develop, both in terms of form and content. The decision in favor of my employer was made easy for me as Vetter is an international, innovative company.

In 2006, my daughter was born. After parental leave, I returned to my former position in 2007. Our team creates the monthly pay slips for approx. 2,400 staff members and is responsible for the time accounts. This is not only a big financial responsibility. It is above all about the correct pay for the staff members and their trust in accounting. In this context, we must make sure to consider all legal and business regulations.

My experience has shown: It is worth the while to stay curious and to not focus too much on certain dream positions upon career start. Sometimes, you discover that there are appealing tasks of which you would not have thought that they can be really interesting.

In 2010, my career advanced: As team leader for payroll accounting/time management, I took over new responsibilities. I feel as comfortable in this functional leadership position at Vetter as before. And this fact also benefits my family life.”

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