Endless fun at every turn. The Vetter Kids Whitsun holiday care program.

Being well looked after is a great feeling. We helped out our employees by offering the Vetter Kids holiday care program during the Whitsun vacation. And once again, the children were thrilled.

Exciting adventures. So much to do and see with Vetter Kids

For children, nothing beats school vacation. For their parents, however, it’s more of a conundrum. Who will look after the little ones when you yourself are at work? Once again, Vetter helped employees maintain work life balance by offering the Vetter Kids holiday care program. It’s no surprise that this program is popular with both parents and children. There was something for every one of the 79 children who took part:

  • At the Schattmaier Sailing School in Kressbronn, the sea dogs of tomorrow glided over Lake Constance and learned the basics of sailing.
  • Power the Ball taught the children the joy of movement and how to work together as a team and introduced them to different types of ball games.
  • At Firlefanz, the kids were busy doing handicraft and being outdoors; whatever the weather, there was plenty going on.
  • After just a week of learning the basics at tennis camp, the children started applying the first maneuvers to their play.
  • At Millers Country Life, the children became attuned to nature by taking part in alpaca hikes and experiencing what it was like to live on a farm.
  • Last but not least, the popular trips to the Ravensburger Spieleland were not to be missed. They always prove to be a hit.

The wide range of activities piqued every child’s interest, and their enthusiasm was high from start to finish. We will offer more exciting programs during summer vacation to keep all Vetter kids engaged and entertained.