On the trail of the Vetter DNA. The Vetter Detectives – our 2024 Apprentices Event

Gruppenbild mit allen Azubis am Azubi-Event 2024

Building connections off the bat: A scavenger hunt gives first-year and future apprentices a chance to network and learn about the Vetter DNA.

Our budding apprentices are all set. Case closed.

On June 24, in the first apprenticeship event of its kind, first-year and future apprentices followed in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and co. Vetter Detectives: On the Trail of the Vetter DNA was all about getting to know our company and our values. 83 young people took part in the well-received inaugural event, bringing with them a lot of energy and enthusiasm in lieu of a deerstalker and magnifying glass.

Like in a scavenger hunt, the apprentices had tasks they needed to complete to move on to the next station. What was mostly a ton of fun also had a practical purpose: the goal was to foster team building and networking between first year apprentices and those starting in September. The newbies formed their first connections and gained a lot of practical information to help them with their new start in the fall. Together with the first years, they cleverly worked their way through the activities – all the while gaining important insights into our values and what we offer in our apprenticeship program.

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