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Our culture

Our culture

In our complex industry, you always have to be one step ahead of your competitors.

At Vetter, this attitude is embedded in our DNA. Therefore, we embrace the constant change and need for flexibilty to satisfy our customers’ and the market's reqirements.
This challenging environment offers motivated and committed employees a wide variety of possibilities to contribute to the future success - the success of Vetter as well as your own.

The products we manufacture stand for the highest level of quality. Patients will ultimately benefit from the service level that Vetter delivers to its customers. Being part of a family committed to outpacing the competition and setting the standard in the CDMO market makes us proud to work for Vetter.

The core cultural values of the company have been maintained over time, despite the enormous growth of the company and the dramatic changes in the outside world of our industry.

Mission Statement

Our team is built like a jigsaw puzzle: Each individual member is part of the whole picture - and is recognized as an essential piece of that puzzle. Regardless of your role or function in our organization, the following 7 key statements will guide the way to success:

We treat our customers as equal partners.

We pride ourselves on being responsible and fair when dealing with both, external and internal customers. As a service provider, our goal is to contribute to the success of our customers and to become an integral part in their growth.

We have trust in everything we do.

We trust all our colleagues implicitly. Respect, honesty, integrity and loyalty are central to our way in doing business.

We are different because of our people.

We recognize that our success depends upon our people – each and every one of them. We value and recognize their commitment and effort. We take our responsibilities as an employer very seriously, and treat our employees with respect and as people, not resources.

We communicate openly and honestly.

We are committed to a spirit of friendly cooperation and partnership. We actively encourage a culture of openness and honesty, which enhances our working environment and helps prevent conflicts.

We build our success on outstanding quality.

We all help to maintain the very highest quality standards, through our dedication and willingness to take responsibility. We believe that quality depends on highly trained and motivated employees, professional expertise and experience, as well as state-of-the-art technology and the ability to constantly innovate.

We think and act in an entrepreneurial way.

Our success is built on a responsible, committed and proactive approach to customers and processes. We take pride in our ability to generate innovative ideas and to implement them systematically and cost-effectively. We take our responsibility for the environment and the wider community very seriously.

We are one team.

We never forget that every member of the team matters, from the newest recruit to the most experienced specialist. A team is like a puzzle: We can only achieve the desired results when all pieces fit together.


*All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.