Corporate Social Responsibility

Health & Family Support

Health and family support

Having healthy, well-balanced employees on board is significant, as they may experience less stress, feel more engaged, and achieve greater happiness – benefits that often carry over to the workplace and their communities. Taking a step in the right direction supports all Vetter employees.

To help employees lead a more healthy and balanced life, we have implemented supportive programs such as:

Vetter Health

This program promotes an active lifestyle through running groups, cycling groups, and Nordic walking groups. Vetter also offers partnerships with local gyms and encourages participation in races and marathons, especially those benefiting community causes and charities.

Vetter Family

Our in-house center strives to create a better balance between work and family life by overseeing multiple programs for our employees with varying needs, including:

  • Flexible and part-time employment options for parents returning to work after the birth of a child, if possible, to get aligned with job specifications
  • Supportive services for employees with child care needs
  • Vetter Kids, an in-house holiday program designed to help Vetter parents with the challenge of finding child care during the holidays

A healthy and well-balanced life is a meaningful and rewarding goal. Vetter will continue to support these programs and welcome new ones to help employees achieve this important benchmark.