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Vetter Packaging Solutions

Vetter Packaging Solutions

Packaging matters.

Material compatibility. Patient convenience. Market differentiation. There are many factors to consider in the selection of your primary and secondary packaging materials. Which ones matter most to your compound’s performance and long-term potential? Vetter’s packaging experts help you find the right solutions throughout your product’s life cycle.

Vetter offers custom packaging solutions to support your product’s clinical performance as well as its market success. Our specialists work with you to tailor all aspects of your drug delivery system and materials, determine the most appropriate secondary packaging solutions, and optimize end-user convenience and production efficiencies. More

Specialized packaging systems help you deliver your injectable with high patient convenience and market-differentiating technology. Our patented drug delivery options include dual-chamber syringes and cartridges, tamper-evident closure systems such as V-OVS®, polymer syringes. bulk glass syringes, and other versatile options for specialized manufacturing or compound requirements. More

Our high-quality conventional delivery systems for aseptic filling include vials for liquids and lyophilized compounds as well as presterilized/nested single-chamber glass syringes for liquid products. Water for injection (WFI) syringes designed to reconstitute lyophilized products provide additional flexibility and include proven stability data to streamline registration. More

Vetter’s comprehensive menu of packaging services for commercial production includes assembly; printing and labeling; blister packing and cartoning; and shipping packaging and storage. All packaging options can be adapted to your specific needs. We also offer specialized production technology for products with high cosmetic requirements. Our packaging and filling operations comply with cGMP guidelines for the US, Europe, and Japan. More

Vetter offers a comprehensive portfolio of serialization services, including aggregation. This service includes various customized and flexible options that allow you to meet regulatory requirements. Through our service offerings, you have the basis for the implementation of track-and-trace systems that can achieve greater security and efficiency of your supply chain. To Vetter's serialization service options

With extensive expertise in storing, packaging, and worldwide cold chain shipment, Vetter offers comprehensive support in compliance management, import/export customs management, transportation, and logistics. Our state-of-the-art storage facility features a high-bay, climate controlled warehouse for cold storage and room-temperature products, plus freezer storage capacity for frozen active ingredients.