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Nothing replaces practical experience

Gaining practical work experience during your college or university education is an invaluable asset to your skill portfolio. Vetter offers different work opportunities in its various departments to build upon your existing background as well as to acquire additional knowledge and skills. We believe in the passion and drive of talented students coupled with a solid understanding of their field of study. That is why we typically involve you directly in day-to-day operations or specific projects. In doing so, you can be a valuable contributor to the team right from the beginning. However, you will have enough time to learn and get to know the team at Vetter before being assigned to specific tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule an internship for at least three months to get a maximum of exposure. An internship or co-op program often is the first step into a permanent position after graduation.


*Vetter is an equal opportunity employer, embracing diversity in all of its operations.


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